I’m Steve #3, and I have worked since 1997 making art for games and often contributing to the designs.  Most of the games I’ve made have been for consoles and iOS: PlayStation, PSP, Xbox, Wii, and the iPhone and iPad.  The games I worked on were generally smaller scale projects that were not famous.  Yet there were many years that I could walk into a Walmart or BestBuy and find a couple of my games on the shelf.

Times changed.  Our products became downloads and the discs and boxes disappeared.

Lately, I’ve been “going cardboard”, back to the roots of game making.  I’ve enjoyed the ability to skip all programing and system compatibility issues. Now I’m creating games using cards, dice and pawns knowing that I am only one step away from finishing and having a product I can ship.

Odyssey Heroica™

I couldn’t help being interested in the  Lego® game Heroica™ (now out of print, unfortunately).  The heroes and monsters of the game evoke the classic D&D archetypes and at nearly the same classic scale.  I wanted rules to make the game an stronger echo of a classic dungeon crawl.  I call my version of the rules: Odyssey Heroica™.

If you want to play Lego® Heroica™ with a set of rules that are more detailed than the box version, try the Odyssey on for size.  You’ll need to make Stat Plates because the number of Life Points is going up exponentially and Mana is added for spell casting.

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