Odyssey: Treasure Chests & Secrets

Treasure Chests

The treasures from the Treasure Chests are structured to be easy on the Heroes beginning an adventure and get progressively more dangerous.

Assuming you are starting with a smaller adventure with 6 to 9 Treasure Chests use a d6 to find out what treasure you will find.  Use the first 6 slots of the “store” rack making sure you agree which end is the “one”.  Then roll to see what treasure you will get.  (Example: Roll a 3)

After a treasure is “taken”, replace it with a Gold counter.  If that same number is rolled again, reward your Hero with 3d3 Gold.

After a Gold counter is taken, replace it with a Treasure Chest.  If that same number is rolled a third time (or more), your Hero is hit by a Trap for 2d3 Damage to his Life.

I added a Treasure Chest that was double the normal size – and I roll on that chest twice for twice as much stuff, of course!

For a longer adventure fill the remaining “store” slots with Gold counters (or other treasures) and use a d8 (eight-sided die) to determine which treasures will be earned.

Some folks might have noticed that in the example images I left out the Wand and added the Helmet.  This is the kind of option you may want to consider.  The Helmet is just too cool to leave out and someone always wants to bring the Wizard.  The Treasures basically allow your Heroes to choose an Action from a different class.


Treasures typically give a Hero another Action to choose from during their Action Phase.  The treasures have their own “Level” because they are special.

Treasure/Action         Damage                 Range

Bow                   Mana +5 vs. Life            5 in a Line
Staff                 Mana x3 Heal Life                  4
Axe                     Mana +3 vs. Life      All Monsters at 1
Sword                 Mana x4 vs. Life                  1
Dagger     Mana x2 is Gold from Monster    1
Wand                  Mana x2 vs. Life     All Monsters to 3
Helmet               3 vs. Next Attack             Worn

Life Potion            +3 Life
Luck Potion           Reroll any one roll – one time use
Mana Potion          +7 Mana (Blue)
Attack Potion        +3 vs. Life for one Attack (One Turn) (Yellow)
Gold Counter         2d3 Gold

Trap (in Chest)     2d3 vs. Life            All Heroes at 1

Note: When a Hero is going to be hit by a Trap, roll 1d6 to see if the Hero’s Detection avoids being hurt by the Trap.

Secrets & Traps

Add a different colored floor tile to the adventure trail and make sure all the players understand that these tiles represent either Traps or Secrets.

When a Hero ends a Move on a Secret or Trap, roll to see if the Hero detects the Secret or Trap using the Hero’s Detection Action. If the Hero Detects a Trap, then the Trap doesn’t injure any of the Heroes. If a Hero Detects a Secret (like a treasure behind a wall), then reveal the Treasure (or roll the Treasure Chest).

Locked Doors and Keys

  • Heroes may not Move through Locked Doors.
  • Heroes can carry as many Keys as they want.
  • Keys are skeleton keys and interchangeable. 
  • Optional: Unique Keys open Unique Doors

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