Odyssey: Turns & Phases

Take Turns

The Players take turns.  Each Turn includes the option to Move followed by the option to do an Action.  Decide at the start of the game what the Turn Order will be: Starting with the youngest; Starting with the oldest; Starting with the longest beard; Starting with the highest die roll; Starting with the Barbarian… (Because no one wants to mess with the Barbarian.)

Each Turn: Move Phase / Action Phase

There are two alternating Phases in this game: Move and Action.  Each Hero moves zero, one or two spaces and then can take an Action.

Move Phase

Moving one space is like walking and moving two spaces is like jogging.  (If you want to add special rules for moving farther each Phase, you might want to limit how far a Hero can run at that pace.  Example: Flee in Panic – A Hero can move three spaces for two consecutive Turns, but then must “walk” at one space per Phase for the next four Turns.)  When a Hero or Monster has only one or two Life remaining, they can only move one space per Phase.  (Unless they are special.)

Moving Monsters and Heroes must move to the next unoccupied space.  Hopping over spaces occupied by other Heroes does not effect these movement restrictions.  Do not hop over or slip past Monsters.  You must stop and fight adjacent Monsters, and in the many narrow corridors put your healthiest fighter forward.  Do not hop over Treasure Chests or Potions; stop on this space.  Put the Potions in your Pack and add any Gold to your Gold tally.  Treasure Chests must be resolved immediately.

Action Phase

Each Hero can choose to do one Action:

  • Do Nothing
  • Pick Up Potion or Loot – When ending on a space with a Potion or Loot.
  • Give a Potion or Loot to another Hero – When on a space next to the other Hero.
  • Open a Treasure Chest – When ending on a Treasure Chest space.
  • Pick Up a Key – When ending on a space with a Key.
  • Unlock a Door – When ending on a space next to a locked door.
  • Detect a Secret – When ending on a space next to a Secret.
  • Detect a Trap – When ending on a Trap space.
  • Attack a Monster – When ending within Range of a Monster.

When a Hero attacks a Monster, if the Monster survives they get the to retaliate immediately and use their Turn.  Exception: If a Monster is attacked by multiple Heroes, most Monsters will only be able to retaliate at one Hero – typically the Hero that is nearest or directly in front of them.  Some Monsters retaliate to all attacks (Giant Rats and Dragons).  This is the same if another player is “playing” the Monsters.

A Monster will attack any Hero that is in Range.  If a Hero moves to a space with a Potion or Treasure Chest they will be distracted by the Potion or Chest.  But the Monster isn’t going to wait for permission to attack.

Monsters will close the gap at two Spaces per Turn (unless indicated otherwise) on any Ranged Attacks and they will attack as soon as they are in range.  Monsters that are two spaces away will “hear” the Heroes and come to fight.  Monsters that are up to four spaces away will “hear” a fight and come to join the fight.

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